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Right, but again, I'm still having trouble dissecting the true problem. Sometimes, I try to call out HPS was too low and the healers need to step up their game. Then I discover in the next pull, DPS running behind different obstacles, blatantly positioning themselves in a manner that forces the healers to fix LoS issues and forcing them to get out of range of the tanks, and thus, low heal numbers.

As a group, I'm just not entirely sure, especially since I'm not exactly sure how to come up with numbers each group should be hitting outside of DPS, especially not for say, what kind of mitigation a tank should be doing in HM content like DF and DP. So, given that the numbers are more likely a problem across all three areas (2-3k in HPS for both healers, 1.9-2.9k in DPS for certain DPS), I'm looking for more of an insightful look into how we play, as the numbers only tell us what the resulting problem in the group is, not a solution or where the playstyle is weak at.

EDIT: I'll get some log files here shortly, after the next couple of posts, and throw them up for viewing.
Well, from what it sounds like, you need to make sure all your raid members are up to par with your expectations. Such as gearing correctly, knowing their rotations and jobs, and understanding raid mechanics. Depending on your raid composition, you can have a multitude of strategies that optimize each raid members class/job to the maximum efficiency. From the videos and logs, there is a lot of room for improvement on every member of your raid.