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02.01.2014 , 10:37 PM | #4
Hey, only looked at the Grob'thok video. Can't comment much on most of the classes there but for your mara, unless I completely missed it, I don't recall seeing the satiated debuff so it looks as though he/she didn't use bloodthirst. It buffs damage/healing by 15% for 15 seconds; it should be used. Your fight lasted long enough that you could have used it twice. Looks like they are in ataru form on the carnage tree, due to the amount of adds that spawn rage is pretty neat for this fight.

Your offtank needs to drag those annoying pigs to the boss. If they're miles away not only can your melee dps not reach them, your other DPS are wasting time killing them and in the meantime nobody is hitting the boss = enrage. Drag the pigs to the boss every time if possible and both boss and pigs can be nuked with aoes. Damage is more efficient that way. Good luck!