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Hello all, I specifically created this thread in the hopes of gaining some real feedback from people here that clear content and know a little bit about how to raid, especially at the NiM level.

And I've hit a little bit of a snag. With our raid group that I lead, I personally only have very small ideas as to why our group struggles so hard with the content, where none of my suspicions or possible reasons would warrant me to bring them to light.

To put it simply, I don't "say what's need to be said" because I am still unsure of what needs to actually be said. I am equally torn between whether our problem comes in a weak link in the healers, the tanks, or the DPS, so I come here to post a few videos in hopes of getting some feedback from you guys.

Below, I have the link to pretty much every clear we have done on Youtube, ranging from our NiM EC clears at 55 to HM SV and even of our Dreadful Entity clear. The guild is Contra Sanctus on the Imperial side, so if you see any video on Youtube with that guild name, it's us.

So if any elite player would like to take a look and maybe give some feedback as to what they see as the weakness in our raid group, by all means, comment away! Be rude, be mean and hurtful, whatever you feel gets the message across.

As long as you have a message beyond "quit the game", I would like to hear it no matter what way it's put.

Link to a search query that has most of our operation clears that have been filmed

Link to the Dreadful Entity clear

Link to Grob'Thok HM kill, where we hit Enrage

Obviously, I believe the last two links give a better insight into our group, as to what the problem may be. Of course, I know the various reasons for things such as "enrage always = bad DPS", but I want to discover what the true cause for weakness is and I don't want to point to specific weak link unless I am positive it needs to actually be said.

Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing from you! Also, just let me know if you want to know the exact team comp for any kill, as I can easily fill you in on what we brought to the event.