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Quote: Originally Posted by Elminster_cs View Post
This article have been published on the WoW website:

Really big numbers, I would like to see also the numbers of SWTOR.
But something hit me while reading... the 3 bosses with most kill...:
  • lich king
  • illidan
  • deathwing

very interesting, the decline of WoW start after the lich king and never stop. Pandaria bosses are not even in the list. Of course wow is not dying but the decline is really high.

What do you think?
Either this is a subtle jab at WoW, or you just don't understand English.

Subs have dropped, of course. It's only natural, but the list has absolutely NOTHING to do with that. I'm not sure where you see the correlation. If you actually click on the link they do mention Garrosh who is the current expansion's end-boss.

But let me tell you the reason that no other MoP boss is on there. Because it's still current content. It's not going to be anywhere close to the top 3 you listed because it still requires a group to do. Illidan, Lich King, and Deathwing can all be done either solo or with a small group. There a millions of people playing this game that can kill those 3 bosses, and who have had YEARS to do so. YEARS of these bosses dying. MoP has been out for a little under a year at this point, so consider why they aren't on this list.