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I feel "command of the Light Side of the Force" is just a little to vague to pin point. It propbably wouldn't even be accuarte, I mean we'd have to throw Windu off the list. Probably Jaina too. On top of excluding anyone who hasn't used a light side power like sever force, so that knocks off everybody else and your uncle.]
Well I was suggesting more along the lines of how proficient one was with Light Side abilities, etc..

Though if this is about over-all power then I glad we cleared this up, as I can move on to further arguments.

Oh to an earlier point Tune, as far as her not having her wound healed by the time of the events of Nathema, there is an out-right canon statement that she went to Dantooine after Malachor V and spent two months retraining herself as a Jedi Master, healing her wound completely.

I would also like to state, as far as having 'rose-tinted glasses' I find that statement most humorous when almost everyone dismisses the Revan vs Surik argument out of hand around here, yeh... rose-tinted glasses.

But let's not allow Revan's direct statement that she is his equal get in the way of your completely unfounded belief that the entire Dark Wars era was filled with n00blet Jedi and amateur hour Sith and teh Exile was lulz weak.
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