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Well as my question in the other thread entailed, if we are talking about command of the Light Side of the Force then i think Surik is the superior, certainly.
I feel "command of the Light Side of the Force" is just a little to vague to pin point. It propbably wouldn't even be accuarte, I mean we'd have to throw Windu off the list. Probably Jaina too. On top of excluding anyone who hasn't used a light side power like sever force, so that knocks off everybody else and your uncle.

Then slap Yoda at the top along with Barny the Dinosaur...

But anyway, if we are all agreed? Jeez things are running suspiciously smoothly...
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It's overall force power, (Which makes no sense, because Revan was neither a Jedi, or Light Side, so being based on LS makes more sense) but still, even overall, I think Surik just about passed him.
"I was Sith, I am Jedi."

Revan became a Jedi Master... we discussed this.