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Edit 2: This whole KoToR 2 thing seems to be pushing my buttons again and i am likely going to rant on and on and on about just how over hyped everything in it is. I had no problem with the characters originally though i found the story poor but its the Over hypedness of the characters and the locations that has me up in arms just as much as Aurbere is over Over Hypedness of Revan, and as far as i am concerned both are over hyped on a near even scale. The only difference is that at least there have been people to combat the Over Hype that Revan recieved while Traya, and Meetra run rampant with out any checks or balances and C-cannon information in the book is attempted to be "rationalized" because there is no way Meetra was really that weak . End of story she is that weak get over it.
You haven't read the book Tune, you have no idea how horrifically flagrant it is of existing canon - its no surprise that is portrayal of Meetra is an inaccurate one. A character Drew admits to knowing jack all about.

P.S. There is no need to call people biased, its an unnecessary statement to make and doesn't help anyone. If you think we are biased fine, but in the end it can be put aside in favour of reasoned debate, no?