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Bump Updated.

113. Zale Barrow's set.
114. Hit the Huttball. Character pulls out a bat like object and uses it to bash the Huttball.
115. Goaldancer. While the buff is applied Scoring the Huttball makes you spike it to the ground, and do a random dance that you have unlocked on that character.
116. Emote /Sleepfloor Your character lays on the ground sleeping.
117. Emote Sleepbed A small bed pops up and we lay down in it.
118. Desert Eagle themed Pistol with Laser Sight.
119. More guns with the Rangerhunter gun noises.
120. Emote: Deathsticks character pulls out a Deathstick to smoke casually.
121. Emote: Darkside (Think the possessed) Youre character twitches and looks sinister. With a red glow
122. Emote: Lightside, You're charater glows gently gold, Character looks focused but calm.
123. Bandana face mask. (LET IT WORK WITH HOODS.)
124. Cerulean Lightsaber Crystal. (Rakata Mind Prison warps colors, this is a red cryst)
125. Darth Vindican's Robes.
126. Version of the Dread Guard Helmet that works with hoods.
127. HK/Or Ship Droid customization of the Shrouds assassin protocol droid.
128. Dread Corrupted Robes.
129. Dread Master Bronte's Back Tentacles as a heal item you play with them and they go away.
130. Fold Space heal item. Character preforms Fold space, the force teleport ability, and there is just a force glow scar in the space, and teleports back when its done.