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01.31.2014 , 12:25 PM | #14
The current system needs a major review and overhaul. There's a number of problems:

1) Narrow choice of colours / inflexible system.
There's too few colours on offer and the way they are applied is very inflexible. Everyone has different tastes and opinions on what looks good, but with such a restrictive system it can be hard to get the look you want. Colour choice needs to be put in the hands of the players, so we can buy the colours *we* want, not the colours the devs think we want. or decide to drip feed to us.

2) Single use dyes.
I don't mind paying a premium for a nice dye I like *IF* I can re-use it in some way, either via collections or by being able to remove it and transfer it to another piece of gear. I refuse to pay a premum for something I might change my mind about later. There's lots of new gear constantly released into the game and it's unreasonable to expect people to keep re-purchasing expensive dyes to keep up with that.

3) Tertiary undyeable zones on certain armours.
Quite a lot of armour sets have tertiary dye zones which don't respond to any dye and always stay the same colour. This often produces odd looking results when applying dye. I understand that old gear isn't likely to be updated to correct this. But there is still plenty of new gear, released since the dye system was launched, which has this problem, not all of it reskins either. What's the point of buying an expensive dye only to find that significant chunks of your armour don't respond to it?