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01.31.2014 , 11:03 AM | #22
I was going to start a separate thread for Elite: Dangerous (and may still do that ) but for the time being think I share my views here.

I heard about Star Citizen kickstarter some time ago, it's massive success and the rather vague nature of stretch goals. I want a good space simulator with exploration and trading.

Somehow despite growing up with Elite and Frontiers (Elite 2) and having passed by the developers website on and off again I though the prospect of seeing Elite 4 (Elite: Dangerous) to have disappeared. Very surprised at the success of their stealth campaign (none of my friends, computers geeks and Elite fans had heard of the kickstarter either) to raise the pledge and hit a couple of their own stretch goals.

Having been on the Frontier forums ( ) now their development goals for Elite: Dangerous seem to be far clearer with a more realistic development cycle.

The developers commitment to providing the pledgers (I missed the initial kickstarter and extended reward period but have now pledged) with information is refreshing along with easy access to development blogs ( ) and gameplay from the alpha release on You Tube (just search Elite Dangerous Alpha Gameplay on You Tube I'm sure you'll find one to your liking).

It will be interesting to see if Elite: Dangerous start to use their in house store app to roll out microtransaction exclusive content, but having listened to David Braben in the past I doubt it. Unlike 'Star Citizen' that despite having had a huge success on Kickstarter still feel the need to gouge their player base with Exclusive Starships (having been past their in game store... $15,000 for the full starship package :O )