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The Everquest Franchise has something called Player Studios. It is a way for players to design items for sell in the station store (aka cartel market) and the creators can get a % of the sale revenues. As good as it is sounds, idk if it is something that is feasible for SWTOR.
well seein as Dulfy graced ur thread with her presence its got to be a sure thing now lol. but yea this would be pretty cool. id like for bioware to include us in helping the game grow in regard to this. I play warframe a f2p game and they actually have a current contest for such thing now. we are currently voting on the top 3 fan made weapons to be implemented into the game now. but that's not to say bioware doesn't use fan suggestions now. some of the new more revealing cartel armors were inspired by some of the designs/alterations a particular forum poster does atm. if they did do it id be sure to submit my concepts for armors tho.
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