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Can't ever see myself getting into something that focuses only on space combat and exploration, but the graphics look pretty amazing, I'll give it that. Not sure how much of a toll the level of intricacy they're putting into the game is going to have on longevity though. It will take a very dedicated and sizable team to regularly put out new content that's up to snuff.
Where to begin...

It's a Space Sandbox Simulator that has space flight and FPS action.. There's well over a dozen ships designed ATM. Sandbox games don't need constant content as the vast majority of play is player generated.

Activities so far include: exploration, smuggling, trade, piracy, bounty hunting, mining, military conflict and more.

let me give you and example: you like to bounty hunt, so you go to a bounty board and find out about a player that's raiding trade ships in the cathcar system. You talk to pilots that have been raided, find out he has a taste for raiding merchants on Thursdays around 9 pm that haul ore to the local missile factory. You contact the factory and find out when that they are getting ore delivered around 11 pm on those same Thursdays. You now know his window. You contract with a merchant as an escort (hey, extra income is always good, make a little extra on the side!) You escort the merchant at some distance and wait for the pirate to attack. You engage with him and because he's a slippery little pirate he escapes. He's damaged tho, so you know he needs to land. Cathcar has very limited locations for someone to go a refuel so you choose the most likely location that caters to shady clientele. You locate his ship at a hanger being refueled and repaired. He isn't anywhere nearby so you head to the local bar. JACKPOT! there's your guy...

Now at this point you have even more choices:

a. 2 to the head, bounty collected
b. ransom his life and ship for a bigger payout than the bounty.
c. ransom him for a payout, then double cross him... and collect the bounty and steal his ship.

This is a sandbox, the merchants are players, the miners are players. That pirate, he's some dude that enjoys piracy.

The game play is based on players. you aren't spoon fed content on a rail.

Chris Roberts has made MANY successful space combat games. He has a career in this field and an excellent reputation.

Lastly, Star Citizen is the largest Crowd funded ANYTHING. It's safe to state that if he doesn't deliver there would be consequences. The end of his career being the least of them.