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First off, this will NOT affect SWTOR in any way, shape or form. TCW takes place a long time after the events of this game. It takes place nearly 1,000years after the last Sith Empire was destroyed and Bane started using the Rule of Two. Moriband is just the name of a different planet that the Order knows about at the time of the Clone Wars, at the most.

Second thing to consider, and has been pointed out by someone else. Korriban, Dromund Kaas and Ziost have all been called Sith Homeworlds. Would it really surprise anyone else that this Moriband would be considered a "home-world as well? Again, considering the time period, this will not affect TOR.

Seriously, folks, stop over-reacting to little bits of news like this. We still do not even know if this is entirely real but just some prank they want to pull for April 1st. Whether it is real or not keep this in mind...Korriban is still ONE of the Sith "home-worlds" and will remain so. This is not a retconn just for the sake of retconning nor a slap in our faces. Not unless someone high up, like Leland Chee, tells us the Story Group decided to do away with Korriban completely. Remember, all the buzz going around is how the Post Rotj EU will be hit hard and the Old Republic era will be pretty much left alone.
Yeah I don't think you get the issue here, like, at all. Ziost and Kaas has never been considered to be THE Sith homeworld, simply Sith worlds steeped in the dark side and a part of the first Empire. Korriban is the actual birth place, this has never been in question. Show me a source that says otherwise.

You can't, because there isn't one.

And second, no one has said ANYTHING about how TOR is connected to the TCW, so I have no idea whatsoever what your first paragraph is about.

The *actual* problem here is, that if they all of a sudden pull a new Sith homeworld out from thin air, it goes against *everything* that has ever been written about the Sith origins. If it's just another Sith world, like Kaas or Ziost then there is no problem.