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Ethel - Lethality Operative - Domination -2831.58

Just watched this. Scamper is really nice for this job. I've only done it as Slinger and Vanguard. I DPS on this fight on my Sage. Will you be the kiter when the NiM version of this hits?
hey i think you missed this one

Kittycat - Pyrotech Mercenary - HATRED - 2810 -

yeah kiting with operative is easier than you might think specially with exfiltrate no CD u never get hit, if u run by tyrans in the way shiv + WB + Cull (have to keep him dotted), when raptus reach you u just stand there and evasion since you can self clear D.mark anyways drop some dps, shiv and run... i find it way easier than my sniper.
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