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Quote: Originally Posted by Elminster_cs View Post
But something hit me while reading... the 3 bosses with most kill...:
  • lich king
  • illidan
  • deathwing
I don't want to come off as rude or anything, but I'm curious as to why these stuck out to you? They're some of the more well-known characters in Warcraft lore, for one. But also, Arthas is killed very frequently for a chance at the mount he very rarely drops, pieces to a legendary (which yields special, otherwise trivial lore-related items that still sell well on the AH), and, thanks to transmogrificaiton, for certain weapons with a unique coloration or skin; Illidan is farmed for legendaries and transmog gear (namely a shield and his blindfold); and Deathwing likely has so many kills because he was the first end-of-expansion boss readily available to the masses through Raid Finder. It's interesting to see that none of the MoP bosses were ranked as highly, so I have to wonder if the tallies are excluding LFR and are further influenced by raid size/difficulty, or simply serve as further evidence of the game's decline.

Frankly, I'm surprised Ragnaros and Onyxia, in either of their respective appearances, weren't ranked amongst those three as they're still killed quite often for various loots.

And, slightly more on topic, WoW is dying, very slowly, but no one wants to admit it as such. Blizz has even tried to hide the fact and "solve" the issue of server death with the new "Connected Realms" feature, which also serves as an attempt to curb the so-called "megaservers." It's still a good game, all in all, but many of the older players are probably getting tired of that one world and are beginning to branch out to the other game worlds that are beginning to challenge the WoW-behemoth, or are just tired of that particular community and/or its devs.