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It really is. There's nothing we can do.

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I have a lot of issues with TCW, mostly in the area of pointless retcons (Asajj Ventress is now half-Zabrak and not a Rattataki at all? What?! Why?!) but one area where I actually give it plenty of credit is in showing that programming for kids doesn't have to be "dumbed down" and can actually tackle serious subject matter.

TCW makes a point to humanize the Clones, even when arguably the whole point of them was to be disposable cannon fodder, so that it matters when you see not just "faceless clone #43" getting shot down during the requisite "cool action scene" , but also see "Echo," the guy they've gotten to know over half a dozen episodes, die tragically in battle. They also have episodes like Heroes on Both Sides that specifically set out to show that war isn't as simple as "good guys" vs "bad guys", and episodes that were willing to challenge the status quo like with Ahsoka's decision towards the Jedi in The Wrong Jedi.

For every goofy, "kid-friendly" episode like The Gungan General, you had legitimately exciting action episodes like Landing at Point Rain, creepy and even disturbing episodes like Monster, and interesting character pieces like The Deserter.

Shows like The Clone Wars and Avatar: The Last Airbender are pretty impressive for how they've demonstrated that a show for children doesn't have to compromise telling a compelling story or engaging with complex issues and characters.
I know, but I wish it was even darker. I really did enjoy certain episodes, but on a whole it doesn't fit with how I precieve the Clone Wars. My opinion may also be affected because of another thing I heard. Apparento the show was aiming at potrayong the Clones as programmed tocarry out order 66; like they had no free will in the matter. And then the retcons really spoil the show for me. Greivous was turned into the typical cartoon villain (wanted to be a hero but couldn't speak now he kills them), Darth Maul surviving, Obi-Wan and Satine, Barriss Offee, Assajj Ventress, Ahsoka, Anakin's knighting, and now this. Those things really spoil the show for me. Although, I do agree that they do a good job with the show and some of the episodes are truly great (I liked most of the ones I have watched) it's just I'm not a fan of the show on a whole.