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I don't have a source, but I read some things that indicate that this is not a typo. So from now on the Sith are not from Korriban, they're from Morriband. It is a replacement that only illustrates a lack of creativity, seriously it's Korriban minus the "k" and plus an "m" and "d." Also, it just plain sounds worse. I'm convinced that this is just a retcon for the lols. Although, I wonder why they didn't pick a more creative name.

I really hope this doesn't kill TOR; it's one of my favorite prices of EU at the moment. I'm really tired of having things I love about the EU retconned by a kids' cartoon, it's really frustrating. And the replacement is never better.

...Beginning of off topic rant about Clone Wars ...

How could covering the Clone Wars in a cart ton aimed for kids be a good idea any way. The actual subject matter is supposed to be dark. It's meant to be a series of brutal battles that kill off many Jedi and spread them very thin. From that point they are able to be slaughtered by their friends whom they fought with for years. The individual battles should be far more brutal than the Galactic Civil War. Instead of a small rebellion, you have two large armies. The battles should have massive casualties and be long, think Jabiim from the Republic comics. Also, the galaxy has been at peace for a thousand years. That would make the war a lot worse because no one has a comparable experiencd. The brutality needs to be apparent, otherwise you are not doing the war justice. You can't do that with this shows target audience. Sure you can show parts to it for that age and portray the war well (like the micro series), but not the majority of the conflict. The original multimedia project captured the right feel; the new show is just cheapening the conflict and destroying a large amount of great stories and characters.