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12.24.2011 , 11:29 AM | #5
This is, by far, the most annoying thing I've yet encountered in the game; flora and bioanalysis nodes are a'plenty, so I eagerly looked forward to taking up archeology and synthweaving and underworld training.

Thus far, not only are 90% of the nodes I find "bugged" or simply unharvestable, it seems that bioanalysis gets some manner of favoritism to boot. Many monsters are harvestable nodes for bioanalysis, but obviously, nothing (no matter how old it is, how many piles and stacks are set around the world for "flavor", etc) but crystals and rocks are for archeology.

Also worth mention, I see approximately four archeology nodes for every ten to fifteen bioanalysis ones (not including the mobs that can be harvested).

Obviously, this feels very unbalanced. I am still hoping that once my alt is off of Coruscant, this changes but, frankly, if not, I too will forget about synthweaving.
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