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They could've just named it Tythonian Jedi Robes. I see no issue with naming them after an NPC that you meet - they named a number of items on cm after NPCs - more or less important ones (Thana). But I absolutely don't see any point in discontinuing it. Even better -I am happy that bloody generic and HOOD DOWN (rarity in Jedi garments in this game!) adaptive Jedi robe is widely available. This is the closest thing players can get to the traditional look at this moment. And I am glad that It's actually popular and used very often on my server. It's like if every single Jedi in the VIP club on my server is wearing light and most Jedi-like garments on the fleet.
Yeah, basically this.

OP, this wasn't really intended as a lore armour, it was intended as basic, plain Jedi robes and they wanted them to be widely available. It just happened to get named after a guy because that makes it way easier than searching GTN for "robe" or something.