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Clarification added since the original post:
Here's some confirmation from our friend Christoph Wolf over in Germany regarding the potential confusion over a planet name listed for the forthcoming Lost Missions episodes of The Clone Wars.

We got in touch with Super RTL to specifically ask them about the Moriband thing, and here's what their spokesman said.

"We have kept to the text presets given to us by Disney / Lucasfilm. To be on the safe side, we just took a second look at the original English text, and there it definitely says 'Moriband'."

So unless you want to believe that either Disney / Lucasfilm is trolling innocent German TV channels or that I am trolling innocent international fan sites (which sounds like a good idea for April 1st, BTW ;-)), Moriband is the real deal.
laaaaaame.... but then again Korriban, Ziost and Dromund Kaas have all been called the "Homeworld" of the Sith at various times, so really, what's one more?
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