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With multiple enemies tank always leaps to elite, and DPS follow to take it down, like it has to be. But then, rest of mobs attack to me. I can only heal myself a while, not long until I die. If I heal tank like I should I die only faster. I got votekicked from one group for reason she always dies first.
Here is the root of the problem. The idiots you are running with think this is the way it has to be.

Tank needs to get the elite and where possible get the weaker adds.

DPS needs to get the weaker adds down then go focus on the elites.

Also especially at lower levels CC is important.

Now that doesn't mean it is not you at all. It is entirely possible there are things you can do to improve the situation. But don't assume it is entirely your fault.

Some suggestions for Operative:
1. Make sure you have 2 stacks of your your hot Kolto Probe on the tank.
2. Keep two stacks on whoever else is pulling aggro if that's you then use it on you.
3. Good strategy before pull is to put two stacks on tank, two stacks on you then stealth to drop aggro. You will pick it up again right away if the DPS don't get on the smaller mobs but at least you won't start off with it.
4. If the group lets you don't be afraid to stealth, CC add with your sleep dart before the fight.
5. If adds are droids CC one of them. If someone breaks the CC they will likely pick up the agro.

Some suggestiosn on Sage:
1. Bubble is your friend.
2. Bubble is your friend.
3. Bubble is your friend. (get the picture)
4. Bubble the tank. Bubble on you.
5. As above if you can CC one of the adds before or even during the fight.

General suggestion:
1. Find a good guild. Run with Guildies instead of just PUGs. They will be able to help you learn what you are doing wrong (if anything).