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I made ticket and got reply about needing more info on what characters and what missions.
FFS there are only 2 missions that gave those canisters and I did the event on 10 characters so remembering more details on those 3 imperial ones that I reported would have required that I record all the gameplay every day.

So I got the lazy customer service representative who just wanted to close ticked without really looking.
I don't think it's laziness. I'm pretty sure it's probably policy that they have specific information before they're allowed to hand anything out. Otherwise, if they make a mistake, that makes an even bigger problem. (For instance, if you had actually meant the Heroic, that would mean giving you 2 canisters per run AND it would mean there was a problem with another quest somehow.)

All you have to do is this:
I ran the Imperial mission (DAILY) The Tunnel Network on 3 characters during the event, but I wasn't aware that I had been missing out on a canister for a reward. The affected characters are on [SERVER NAME] and their names are [NAME], [NAME], and [NAME]. Please check to see how many times I ran the quest for each, because I am not certain at this point. Thank you.