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In the next levels your healers will gain one of their most important healing power (Healing Transe and Surgical Probe) Well used, and some more skillpoint in their you shouldn't have anymore issue to heal content, provided the others do their job.

At level 30, tanks should gain their AOE taunt. But before that they shouldn't have major issue to aggro a crowd. I recently leveled up an Assassin tank and make my way through the flashpoints by Overload (push) the packs, then Lacerate (in place AOE) when they're close. Controling DPS was more an issue (many don't attack the right targets, pull before the tanks, etc.) I also had many issues with "healers" who spent more time to poorly dps things than actually healing. A tank you met may have experienced such people and get a bad opinions on flashpoint healers.

Powertech/Vanguard also have plenty of AOE early in more of their ranged attacks. I don't know about the young guardians, but I doubt they are unable to engage with an AOE.

By the way, if you're aggroed by some mobs, beside your cooldowns and CC, you may
- run close to the tank, the mobs following you and expect he'll aoe them all.
- run back and forth forward the tank with the pack following you. Not the most efficient, but expected to work on tunnel vision tanks.
- If aggroed by ranged mobs, hide behind a pillar or a crate to give you some time and force them to move.
- type "aggro" in the chat.

Remind the DPS they have to kill from weakest to strongest mobs. Some of them don't care, but some actually understand.