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That is what makes EVE unique. I have been in these kind of fights in EVE, both in sub capital ship and in capital ship. You can't just jump into the biggest ship and hope to kill everyone. No. Fights in require you to think. It's like chess, sacrifice your pawns to let your Knight take out their Queen.

Send in your tacklers (CC them) on their support ships, warp to zero on them and then kill their support ships. Tackle their capital ships, send in your capital ships, kill their capital ships, tackle their Super Capital ships, but here. Here it gets exciting. The more you put on the table, the chance of a greater loss you can have.

Do you send in your Super Capital Ships or do you stick with capital ships? Since there are alliances in EVE, the group of people you fight in one system, can be the bait, for another group of their Super Capital ships. So was their Super Capital ships only a bait? probably. Fight escalates.

First time in PvP for me, an adrenaline rush. Not like PvP in swtor. You know that you could lose your ship and money wise it can cost you a lot or little. You can PvP in a frigate (which is the smallest and cheapest kind of ships in EVE).