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01.30.2014 , 04:29 AM | #6
ah yes- level 30ish pug fp's as a healer
do not fret op all is not lost

first- at this level range the fp's definitely step up in difficulty; i think of it as a derp check
2nd- if you are getting hit by mobs it is the tanks and the dps fault

based on your description the tank is tunnel visioning the toughest mob- there may not appear to be any problem with this but a tank who is unable to see his op/party frames and notice his healer's health quickly deteriorating is a poor tank-- when i tank i will simultaneously get the attention of the toughest as well as any other bad guy nearby- with even a couple lightsaber basic attacks i can get aggro while the dps (ideally) wipes up the mess

dps, on the other hand, need to burn down mobs from weakest to strongest and when the healer begins to take damage the dps need to peel the threat off of the healer-- this is their only job-- if everyone does his job what happens? well, the tank will "tank," the dps get to burn down everything, and the healer gets to "heal"

what you have described, op, is very common and every swtor player who has tried to tank and heal has these kinds of stories

best adivce-- if this happens once briefly explain what is happening-- ie- tanks and dps not doing job
if it happens a second time- quit group-- another que is seconds away