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Ehm, well.... if you get adds on you than the tanks and DPS are screwing up.
Number uno priority of any tank should be to have the tanks on him. If the tank can't do this for whatever reason the DPS should have stepped up and keep them away from you. Now thats out of the way lets see what you can do against it.

Whenever I get adds on me I try multiple things:
- Hard cc'ing on my sage and praying the dps wont break it (the 60 seconds stun)
- Stunning with force stun
- As a sage keep force armor on you and the tank up

- Stunning with flashbang, dirty kick (debilitate I think its called for operatives?)
- when you get very very low use your combat stealth (fyi if the tanks and dps dont focus on the adds they will be on you again as soon as you heal. It should give you temporarely breathing room
- Keep your slowrelease medpack up on the tank and you
- Not sure if you have allready the free emergency medpack usage below 30%. If so make sure to have at least 1 stack of upperhand to be able to spam heal when needed
- use your dodge and personal shield
- go sit in cover (it gives you a defense boost)

General tips
- Dont forget the triage system. Keep yourself up is nr 1 prio. Followed by the tank. Just let the DPS die if really really needed. (don't forget to appologize to the DPS ;-))
- If you have adds on you run to the tank so he can use his AoE attacks to regain aggro
- Lose line of sight on the adds
- Wait with healing or Hotting up the tank till he is at about 50% HP (bad tanks WILL lose aggro if you HoT up to much or start burst healing soon)
- This may sound strange but go DPS on the adds. the least adds are up the least adds can do damage on your group. Best time to do this is at the start of a fight since your group will be full on HP.

If all failes go complain in groupchat that you get aggro on adds. Ask for a guard from the tank.

As last resort go out with a bang and leave the group.
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