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if yo are getting hit by mobs then its tank/dps fault.

I tank as vanguard from time to time, and knowing how to pull a pack of mobs is one of the keys to good tanking.
Tank should focus on hard mobs but he also should try to catch as many weak enemies as well. I should be norm for tank to leap to weak mobs, use AoE skill to get agro on them then switch to strong mob and attack him.

DPS should focus weak adds first, then go for strong enemies.

If i were you, i would not heal to start with or pre hot non boss fights. let tank go as low as 50%, if you have up to date gear, you will easily get him back from 50% to 100% quickly. This way you will not agro any mobs at the start of the fight. Remeber that your hots even when over healing generating threat so its best not to pre hot DPS or Tank or 4 ticks of your HOT will generate more threat then any other DPS will do in the first two seconds. This will lead to you getting hit and then you need to focus heal yourself. When you heal on your Sage, just bubble all 4 players and you should be fine to start with, then wait with any other heal until tank gets to 50%.
You can also advise DPS to deal with weak adds first, then go for strong ones as it should be.
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