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Yeah, I was irritated at Smedley's name even when it was something that I liked to hear. That said; a Planetside that was done to be a true MMORPG rather than a MMOFPS could be a decent way to have a "non-Star Wars" clone of SWG. The problem would be how they do it. If they try to go FPS twitch controls to hold true to the Planetside part and much like what they were trying to do when the NGE first launched, I think that would be repeating the mistake that pissed SWG fans off in the first place. They go MMO controls, either with set ups like pre-CU, CU, or late NGE; then they would probably just piss off Planetside fans.
I don't know if you're familiar, but SOE has had some past IPs that they "shelved" that might be reworked into some awesome sandbox goodness.

Like this one: