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Why on earth would they need more incentives to do something that they claim that they enjoy doing?

I do FPs constantly even though I need nothing from them, including Elite comms. Mostly, I do them with friends and guildies.

Likewise, the only reason I do SM stuff is for the comms. The gear is usually worthless to me at this point, and again, I do them with my guildies.

Maybe instead of asking for even 'more' rewards, you just accept that Ranked PVP isn't as enticing as people seem to want to believe that it is.
lets see what we get to do our loved PvP games:
5 uhhh so fancy titles,
coms wich we can Hand in for:
2 diff sets of gear
2 speeder
2 pets
5 Crystals wich got the same Color as pve ones
med kits and stim wich are only useable in WZs (not even while "random" OWPvP)
TWO daily and ONE weekly Mission

not to mention we only got 5 diff 8v8 maps and 4 4v4 maps (in wich ranged classes suffer from the terrible design)

ofc most of us who do PvP do it because we enjoy it but is it realy to much to ask for more?!

if BW doesnt dish out new PvE Content every second month ppl start to moan. the PvP crowd is left behind for long enough in any aspect of the game.
pre season 1 for example lasted for more then a year just to have 8v8 ranked removed when season 1 started.
our only open world pvp reason, and thats by far the most desired pvp Content, been removed without a Initiation for a tiny lil replacement
we do even have to face nerfs and class changes in favour of PvE.

so now ill ask you again. is it to much to ask for ranked daily/weekly missions, a handfull of pvp fluff stuff, exp shematics, reuseable comsumables, a bit more credits for completeing a WZ from the beginning till it ends, an official duel event/tournament, an imba title for like uve killed 20.000 reps as imperial Player?!

not to mention bug fixes, a working matchmaking, a bolster fix, a choice for wich WZ we want to que, a huttball league, ranked Rating bug fix, social and or rep Points,.......

season 1 gone life while ago yet we still dont know what these super duper prices are wich we can win for compete in ranked Arenas nor are any given out
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