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Why on earth would they need more incentives to do something that they claim that they enjoy doing?

I do FPs constantly even though I need nothing from them, including Elite comms. Mostly, I do them with friends and guildies.

Likewise, the only reason I do SM stuff is for the comms. The gear is usually worthless to me at this point, and again, I do them with my guildies.

Maybe instead of asking for even 'more' rewards, you just accept that Ranked PVP isn't as enticing as people seem to want to believe that it is.
So you're saying the only reason you do SM stuff is because you get a reward from it? Interesting.

Opinion. You may think it takes more skill, but that's just your opinion.
RNG by its very definition involves no skill at all, nor any input on the part of the player. It happens by itself, at random. Again, no input whatsoever. Purely luck-based. No input. Player doesn't need to do anything and cannot do anything to affect the chance of the proc. No input. Nothing. The player could go AFK and the relics would still proc. NO INPUT AT ALL.

Have I made that clear? No skill. None at all.
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