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Honestly, I'm pretty excited about the possibilities that this "tactical flashpoint" represents! First, it adjusts the flashpoint to different scenarios based on group composition (it is role neutral, so you can go in as a balanced group, four of any one role, or anything in between!). Second, it also bases the scenario on faction. Finally, it bolsters the group from level 15 up, meaning a wide range of character levels can all interact together on an even keel (more or less!).

The question is, what might be the next step in this sort of flashpoint? I'm thinking they should take it to a whole new level! So, the Republic's goal is to wrest this facility from the Empire. The Empire's goal is to do the same against the Republic. But, what if a third party held control of this facility, and each faction is trying to wrest it from this other group (similar to Hammer Station)... AT THE SAME TIME!

Can you imagine how cool that would be? Think flashpoint+arena+open-world PvP. Awesomeness.

Now, surely, we'd want to maintain the PvE objectiveness of the area (e.g., after one group wins, - perhaps even best 2-of-3 like an arena - they can go on to finish the flashpoint and the other group is done), but we'd also want to make the PvP aspect optional when queuing as well as provide PvP and PvE rewards.

Muahahahahahahahaha! I'm looking forward to it already!
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