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Why on earth would they need more incentives to do something that they claim that they enjoy doing?

I do FPs constantly even though I need nothing from them, including Elite comms. Mostly, I do them with friends and guildies.

Likewise, the only reason I do SM stuff is for the comms. The gear is usually worthless to me at this point, and again, I do them with my guildies.

Maybe instead of asking for even 'more' rewards, you just accept that Ranked PVP isn't as enticing as people seem to want to believe that it is.
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Infernixx nailed it. This is correct.
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There is no excuse for any single use item to ever cost more than a month's subscription. Anyone who pays $10 or $20 for a single use item is hastening the death of TOR and feeding the rise of TOR:The Cash Shop Menace.