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I saw that the 16man and 8man threads have a slightly different setup, first the rules are gone (or have you hidden them?) and 8man has top three regardless of specc while 16man is only one parse per specc. I love the work you have done but wouldn't it be easier to have the exact same system on both threads to avoid confusion?
That's true..

8-man - Up to 11 spots (or 13 spots). Includes Top 3 (or Top 5) raid parses for each boss plus the top parse for each class including mirror.
16-man - Up to 16 spots. The highest parse from each spec per boss.

I was wary of doing the same for 8-man because of the workload. 16-man is more manageable since there are only a few guilds. 8-man on the other hand.. (from experience based on the previous 8-man NiM TFB/SV thread...)

Previously 8-man was only the top parse for each class but the workload for that was too low, so i thought of adding a Top 3 (or possibly Top 5) in addition to that.

We could do the same for the 16-man..

Top 5 plus 1 from each class (not spec). So each boss will have up to 13 raid parses each. When 2.6 hits i think that's a good time to change it up. I'll be wiping all the VG Hybrid, and Orbital Strike related raid parses when it hits live anyways.. So Snipers and Lethality Operatives will most likely be affected.

I think the 8-man is better though. Sometimes i get the feeling that we just try out different specs for the sake of putting a "log" in the 16-man page. lol. Ofcourse that's not entirely true
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