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They may not have CUTSCENES, but there is certainly a level of story behind each and every one of them. The areas they take place in are also very interesting to explore.
No they do not! At least in my opinion.

Flashpoints like Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders are very bland and by the time you get to the final boss, you forget why it is even important to beat him. compare this to Esseles when you get to the final boss....the emotion is greater because not only have this moment was built up from combat, but by the many conversations you had, even the final decision has a lot of bearing on it.

The space missions do not have cutscenes, but space missions only last like 2-3 min and before you can get bored of it, it is done. With Flashpoints, you are there fore 45-60 min of pure keyboard mashing. You get a brief of why you are there from Miss Shan but even that is vague and lacks depth. With Black Talon and Esseles, you get a brief of why you are there, but when you are there, you continue to dig deeper and find out a much greater plot which makes the flashpoint that more fun. However with Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders and even Hammer Station, it is simply go here and fight your way through endless waves of enemies and kill the big boss and come back to report to me.

Hell, with Athiss, you weren't even told to report back, you were simply told to just leave and everything was done.
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