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01.29.2014 , 11:21 AM | #25
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This bug is very upsetting for me too; have explored it Imperial and republic side, being sure brakken messa was not my last one. I never received the achievement. @ the person who says low priority... 9 months and counting of the issue being known? That's called no-priority.
Hmm, well I don't even know what your bug is then, the brakken mesa thing was the only one I'd heard of. So you may have experienced a rarer bug - hence again, low priority as few people have had the problem.

I'm not trying to belittle your problem, I'm just saying BW have bugs that affect ALL players vs bugs that affect a really small number of players - it's obvious where they will be spending their time. Doesn't mean it will never be fixed, but don't hold your breath.