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The headline isn't exactly accurate.

In short, someone forgot to pay the rent on their space station. This led to people being able to invade them, or something like that. I don't play EvE, so I don't know exactly how this works.

Anyways, a couple of alliances teamed up and attacked. The owner of the space station pulled their own fleet in to defend, and it turned into a battle that involved over 4000 players, and saw enough ships destroyed that the total cost of the war was around $200,000.

The biggest previous large scale encounter wrecked a total of 12 Titan class ships. This one destroyed 75, plus hundreds of smaller craft. One Titan alone was worth $5,500.

The costs are based on the exchange rate between $ and PLEX, which is the EvE in game currency and can also be used to pay for a monthly subscription (which is why we can work out an exchange rate).
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