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Oh, and yes... I have Malova in the Unfettered Trenchcoat for Balmorra... and BOY does it look different after watching the little uniformed Agent run around the capital! But that's what you do... become somebody other than yourself, for the good of the Empire. She's outside her comfort zone, sure... but when is the IA not?
I couldn't help it. On one of my snipers, I had to put her and Kaliyo both in the Imperial uniform from the Cartel Market.

It's hilarious to watch all these people that she's lying to and misleading into thinking she's a bunch of different things, none of them Imperial, trust her while she's trotting around looking like a Captain in the Imperial Navy.

Especially (Balmorra Agent spoilers)...

(Rant) Why didn't they add a standard Imperial cap to that uniform? I hate how it makes your hair go away, but it would have been so much better than putting Toothpicks in all of my characters' and crews' mouths. (Or Nihilus masks, which get immediately hidden and then mysteriously show up and cause much amusement in random on-ship class conversations.)
Horrendously bad fan fiction: Sith in a Pretty Dress