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The reason I get kicked a lot of the times is because I don't heal others. When I make a healer it is not so I can support my teammates, it is so I can keep my own butt alive the longest. I can see why people wouldn't like that so I came up with a solution, make your own healer.
I would understand if you invoked "The wrath of Naudi" (a healer in my guild) , brief explanation: when people stand in red circled she tells them 1 time to move out after that freebie she no longer heals them if they remain in the red circle and when they ask why they died she says, "well you should've moved out of the red circle…" This was aptly named, "The wrath of Naudi" after we saw it happen 1 time and it still happenes today when ever we have pugs in the group that won't get in mumble/vent/TS and sit in red circles.

If you did that thats understandable or if you stopped healing someone because they pissed you off I understand that as well because thats the #1 rule of group play…"DONT PISS OFF THE HEALER!"

But to not heal anyone and only heal yourself??? yeah I would kick you the 1st time it happened…If i ever see a healer do that i take that as a slap in the face and ill kick before we re engage boss so my Treek can take over and so i can use my heroic moment.