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I've never been kicked from a group, either. But I haven't done significant group content since I stopped playing DDO 3 years ago.

So your tale does not sound unlikely to me, or egotistical. To not get kicked all you have to do is be choosy about whom you group with and then play at least competently (which seems to be beyond most people).
I don't get it. How can people play MMO's for years and not get kicked out of groups? Even if you take care with whom you team up, there's always a chance you've misjudged. Then there are the group finders that team you with totally random players. Pick up groups you join just to get that one quest done.

I've been kicked out of groups *and* guilds. I've kicked people from groups and guilds. I've left groups and guilds.

It's all part of the MMO experience.
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