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On the other hand, if you are running an instance for the umpteenth time and one person chooses to listen to all of the dialogue, you waste a fair amount of time throughout a story-heavy instance.

Story makes sense in instances that you will only do once, because then your decisions "matter", and you see how your story plays out. Story does not make sense in instances that you will do multiples, especially those you will be grinding over and over. You will quickly realize that "if only we had said something else, this whole situation would be different" is not actually the case, and that characters will respond essentially the same no matter what you say (they may have a one screen response to the answer given, but then will carry on with the standard dialogue).

With Nightmare mode, all instances are instances that you will play multiple times. Now, if we get to see who is holding up the group by listening to all dialogue instead of spacebarring through and collecting social points, we can talk about more story.
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