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PvP revenge is the way to do it. At least you didn't get kicked out of a group by a guy who was a speaking a language that you couldn't fully understand, (spanish in my case).
I remember one time I was tanking colicoid war games and we were at the last part of the flashpoint up until then the group wasn't really talking much. Why were in mid combat in an enemy just before th cutscene one guy was speaking Spanish, then another replied in Spanish I asked if the could please speak English for me since I don't really know Spanish and they kept going and put and lol... I toon that as a sign of disrespect so I vote kicked the Spanish speaking tools and 2 manned it with the healer. At first the healer was like WHAT THE F*** MAN then I said dude I'm an assassin you're an operative if $hit hits the fan we can stealth out and I engaged the boss... We killed it lol
Solo capping nodes is what I do best... If you're solo defending, prepare to be stun locked and killed!
"I like the way you die boy."