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Im loving the game so far.

There was some time that i didnt have to THINK to solve a quest. Looks like those old games/rpgs. The first time that ive needed to use a computer on this game i got myself staring the screen, looking that black screen (DOS like stile) and think "what now?" But when you can solve a mistery you feel so good, thats totaly worth the time spent.

And the combat?? Its so fast paced that looks more like an action game than other thing. Im loving it.

I guess the only problem its that maybe this diferent style can spoil me. Will be hard to come back to the old "mat combat" stile of RPG, where the hit chance, etc its all based on your gear and not on gameplay skill.

The game isnt all hard, but ive died plenty of times, unlike on SWTOR, where i just die trying to solo heroes 2+, 4+ or on PvP. On TSW if you get yourself with too many enemies (like more enemies aggroing during a fight) you can easely be dead.

There is one thing, the Healt pool. You cant increase it a lot. I mean, you can wear gear that increase it, but at heavy cost of DPS. How its the end game? Ive seen some mobs at the edge of the maps (Lairs, or semething like) with more than 20k each (if i do remember). If you dont gain "levels" on this game, how to improve, efectively, the HP without messing up DPS?
SWTOR: A single use Color Dye costs the same as the Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion
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