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I was on my sniper at lv 49 doing Directive 7 the flashpoint, que popped with a 54 Marauder, 47 Assassin Tank and a 50 healer. I asked if we could do the bonuses, Tank said yes im trying to get Exp too. after the Giant droid boss in the very beginning after the 1st cutscene (the one with the 2 turrets for back up) im still killing things and its going smooth...when we get to the bridge where the 3 weak Rdps droids are and the electro barrel is tank engaged and the Marauder flips the F*** out. I said we all arent lv 55 we want exp and he said F*** you I wanna get this done quick. I engaged the next mob which was 1 weak droid (who i took out with just EP and ambush) Marauder says, "**** come on "quick-scope" stop aggroing things!!!" I said, "No dude (a) we need that for the bonus and (b) we all agreed on killing everything and doing the bonus missions for the extra exp." Next thing i see is Marauder has initiated Vote kick on Quick-scope and im like "Seriously dude???" then the next thing i see is youve been kicked from the group...and to add injury to insult this Dickwad put in the reasons block "dumbf*** didnt want to listen to me and took forever" that was by far the dumbest reason ive ever been kicked from a group.

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On a side note I had a lv 45 shadow i had been leveling and i was in a Huttball match and i saw that Arsehole marauder and i typed /say and said "Quick-scope sends her love" and just kill spawned him for the whole 13 minutes of that match... like I killed him, emote laughed, ran to the goal line and when he respawned i killed him again... I didnt let him leave that goal line unless 3-4 members of his team was respawning at the same time then i just waited until he was alone and killed him again and went to the goal line to kill him at spawn....I felt alot better after that revenge served lol
PvP revenge is the way to do it. At least you didn't get kicked out of a group by a guy who was a speaking a language that you couldn't fully understand, (spanish in my case).
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