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A "no tattoo" option for Zabrak is long overdue- there's an "Imperial" type Zabrak (I think they're the ones from Iridonia's daylight side, if I remember right, but "Imperial Zabrak" communicates which ones I mean- Pointy) on Makeb with plain reddish skin and no tattoo, so it's not unprecedented.

Additionally, blending the two subspecies would make for some good new character visuals without much extra modelling work- or, indeed, any. If species can cross-breed (with genetic engineering assistance on occasion) in the Star Wars universe, then *races* surely can.

Unlocking 'sharp' horns for Rep Zabrak racial types and 'cow' horns for the Imp-type would be easy since the two "species" in game use the same hair models to which the horns are attached, and the same head models. The only difficulty would be if the 'skin' texture file also has the horn textures on it, but I don't see how it *can* given how they change in the existing chargen.

Let's also have some more hairstyles for the spikeys.

Sith... yes. I'm always rather put off them by the way their face options *just* consist of 'pick your ridges and spikes'.
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