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01.27.2014 , 07:27 PM | #9

I would be so happy to have ANYTHING new in the appearance customization department. PLEASE. I would be a fiend for character modifying if only there were more options I could choose from.

As someone who does play a lot of Purebloods, I am ALL ABOUT changes for them. Like... different faces. Please. All of us are carbon copies of each other... all Body Type 1s have the same look, with different deelie boppers on our faces, all the Type 2s, 3s...all that, likewise. It's such a bummer. Everybody else gets different faces. Surely it would not be that hard to model Sith Purebloods as well.

And, as so many people have said, if there are not going to be new and DIFFERENT hairstyles for all the races, can the non-humans please get access to the human hairstyles? (The non-humans with hair, that is, of course.)

I think the appearance kiosk could be a money-maker for the game if only it were updated more regularly. It seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle and that's a money-makin' and fun-makin' shame.

- Edre

P.S. On an unrelated note? Rakghoul event has been fun, guys. Thanks!