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Oh, forgot to post my opinions on the 50th!

I do think The Day of the Doctor could be my favorite episode of all time. I feared it could be excessive fan candy, but it was a wonderful story which made me love the character of the Doctor all over again. John hurt made for a wonderful Doctor, and Tom's cameo was utterly divine! I was lucky enough to see him live at the 50th Celebration convention on the anniversary day itself, what a legend! I didn't get to meet him unfortunately, but I did meet and have my photo taken with my favorite Doctor Matt Smith, who was utterly charming!

I really liked Time of the Doctor. It was a fitting ending for my favorite Doctor. I loved how it capture some of that fairytale magic which S5 had in bundles, but was lacking a bit in S6 & S7. I do think, however, that it was perhaps a bit to short. It tried to wrap up a lot of things in just an hour, and while it did work overall, it would have been nicer if they spent a bit more time on certain details (Such as how the Silence managed to destroy the TARDIS). I also adored the actual regeneration. I like how it was the opposites of Tennant's, a celebration of his life as the Doctor with less self-indulgence. His final words were my favorite and very beautiful, and it was such a job to see Amy one final time. What I also really liked was the 'flash' change form Matt to Peter. Recent regenerations have been dragged out sometimes, so I like how it was such a swift and shocking change. Loved Peter's entrance, I am confident that he is going to be a fantastic Doctor.

Talking about Peter... the BBC has just revealed his new outfit! I like it. It fits Capaldi well. I do think perhaps it could use a top hat or something, but like Matt's it can evolve.
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