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Post here if you are duped by vapourware like the OP.

I'll care about it when it's more than hot air.
Where to begin.

- Chris Roberts is a well respected figure in the gaming industry. His games made quite an impact back in the day. He has made a lot of successful games, all (well, the ones I played because I did miss some of them) of which I grew up with and enjoyed. So he is definitely not a random nobody, and his games were the reason I took a leap of faith and pledged money for the first time in my life.

- We already have a working hangar module. It's not much - merely a hangar containing all the ships people have pledged for, which you can enter and interact with, and some fluff like a shooting range for some of the weapons. Pre-pre alpha stuff really. Funnily enough there is also a hidden level some crafty people discovered that actually allowed them to fly some of the ships when we're not supposed to And there is a dogfighting module to be ready in spring (they are releasing the alpha in modules)

- Do you think it did not cross my mind that this could be a scam? I didn't pledge for over a year because it all seemed too perfect, too good to be true. I was waiting until we had something more tangible in our hands. Players got the hangar module, I took the leap of faith.

- 36 Euros is a small amount of disposable income I'd probably have blown on coffee and beer anyway. So worst case scenario, I lose 36 Euros, big deal (some people have literally pledged THOUSANDS ). Best case scenario, I get two games in one (Squadron 42 and Star Citizen), access to alpha and beta, and the satisfaction of having contributed even just a little bit to the development of a game I've been waiting for for more than a decade.

- I'd rather wager a small amount on a dream game by a man whose games I still love than give money every year for garbage like Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA, Madden and all that other generic crap publishers shove down our throats. No thanks - I'll pass.

So no, I have not been duped. I know full well why I pledged money and was aware of the risk when I did so. You could be right, this could turn out to be the biggest vaporware scam we've ever seen. I always have that thought in the back of my head. But if it is not (which I believe at this point), I will remember you, and will invite you to enjoy the 'verse with me when the game is ready