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First impressions about the game.
Ive created a character and im oing (so far) on path of Shotgun and Rifle. Maybe isnt a perfect combo as should be a Ranged and Melee weapon (instead of Ranged and Ranged), but im having a lot of fun with it!
The "filler"of the shotgun its an AoE skill, and its "consumer/finisher" its single target, on the rifle its the oposite, the "filler" its single target and the "consumer/finisher" its AoE, so by switching skills i can have an AoE or Single Target skills as much as i want! im loving it.

im still on "Kingsmouth Town" and im stil getting used of the game. looks much more complicade then SWTOR, but still very fun!
oh, and i was recently playing a game called "State of Decay", so when i got to "Kingsmouth Town" all that feeling of walking dead stile returned, very very good.
Kingsmouth is awesome!
And rifle/shotgun shouldn't be a bad combo, you can even work some "leeching" into your build (or alternate build) for when you need some healing.
Yes, the game is more complicated and more difficult than SWTOR as a whole (pretty hard not to, since SWTOR is pretty much in the same league as WoW when it comes to overall difficulty - very casual friendly).
Thanks for showing us you listen to our feedback, Bioware!
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Suggestion for letting us add certain story characters to our Strongholds.