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01.27.2014 , 10:59 AM | #12
First impressions about the game.
Ive created a character and im oing (so far) on path of Shotgun and Rifle. Maybe isnt a perfect combo as should be a Ranged and Melee weapon (instead of Ranged and Ranged), but im having a lot of fun with it!
The "filler"of the shotgun its an AoE skill, and its "consumer/finisher" its single target, on the rifle its the oposite, the "filler" its single target and the "consumer/finisher" its AoE, so by switching skills i can have an AoE or Single Target skills as much as i want! im loving it.

im still on "Kingsmouth Town" and im stil getting used of the game. looks much more complicade then SWTOR, but still very fun!
oh, and i was recently playing a game called "State of Decay", so when i got to "Kingsmouth Town" all that feeling of walking dead stile returned, very very good.
SWTOR: A single use Color Dye costs the same as the Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion
-RISE OF THE HUTT CARTEL: you have: *increased level Cap; *New Skills; *acess to new gear; *expand your Star Wars Saga; *Access to new Elder Game Content; *uncover new devices
-Black and Black Dye Color you can: *paint the torso of an armor