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Awesome job!! Very interesting and well put together. Thanks for this. However I was looking at the armstech for my sniper but during the course of running around and checking skills etc The information the game gives is to use slicing with scavenging for Armstech. From what I just read though your saying to use investigation. I am probably over thinking this and new to the the game. So investigation is really whats needed instead of slicing?? I have been using slicing which has been nice for the money but I haven't gotten anything from it but a few extra credits here and there. Can I get the items needed from Investigation and keep slicing just for the extra cash or is it worth it??
Both investigation and slicing are useful with regard to armstech.
  • Investigation gives materials to make barrels and weapons
  • Slicing gives the schematics to make augments and materials to make augments

That being said, I find myself making a LOT more barrels than augments for the simple fact that the Armstech augments are not highly sought (in order of what I see being requested in my guild):
  1. Fortitude
  2. Power
  3. Accuracy
  4. Critical
  5. Surge

All blue quality mission skill materials are cheap. This is because the overwhelming majority running mission skill missions run them for the purples. So the market is constantly flooded.

In the case of purple quality materials, Thermal Regulators (purple slicing) are consistently the most expensive followed closely by Berylius (purple Underworld Trading metal). Investigation purples are among the cheapest, but they are still more expensive than acquiring the materials through missions
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